The Charles L. Feinberg Center for Messianic Jewish Studies

The Charles L. Feinberg Center for Messianic Jewish Studies offers an accredited Master of Divinity degree with an emphasis in Messianic Jewish Studies.  This program is designed to train those with a calling to full time Jewish ministry as Messianic congregational leaders, outreach workers, or educators.  This unique program focuses on the biblical languages of Hebrew and Greek, the exegesis of the Scriptures, and the understanding of rabbinic texts.   Essential matters of theology and practice are treated through intensive study of Jewish law, religion, culture, sociology, and history.  A certificate program is also available.

This dynamic program is a joint venture between Talbot School of Theology (Biola University) and Chosen People Ministries, a Jewish ministry that has been reaching out to Jewish people for more than a century.




New York City is the Jewish capital of the United States. Attending the Feinberg Program, you will have limitless opportunities to experience Jewish life and culture as well as incredible opportunities for hands-on Jewish ministry experience.

The Charles L. Feinberg Program boasts of an atmosphere friendly to Messianic believers from across the theological spectrum. We seek to foster a greater love of the Messiah, the Scriptures, and the Jewish people.

So far, in my first year alone, the Charles L. Feinberg Center has allowed me to learn so much beyond academics, not only about God but about myself and others and how we all relate to one another. The opportunities for personal, spiritual, and academic growth are readily available if you are ready and willing to take hold of them.

I just came on staff with Chosen People Ministries as a missionary in training and see the importance of getting a good education and training in Jewish studies. The Feinberg Center is the perfect opportunity for me to be better equipped and prepared to minister to Jewish people. I am in my second semester at the Feinberg Center and even though this is my second semester, I can say I have already learned a lot and see how this program is going to be so beneficial in helping me reach the Jewish people with the good news of Yeshua. I am learning about church history and also how it affected the Jewish people. It is making me more aware and sensitive of how I should interact with Jewish people in the future. I am so grateful for this opportunity to get an amazing education in an area which is not too common.

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