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You do not just learn about Ministry outreach; you experience it!

One of the unique advantages of studying at the Charles Feinberg Center is being able to live and minister in New York City, the home of an estimated 2 million Jewish people. Part of the student’s requirements is Field Education. This is just as it sounds, gaining education through working on the mission field. The Field Education aspect of the program is designed to help the student cultivate their God-given gifts and gain valuable experience while praying for, evangelizing, disciplining, and serving the Jewish people of New York. Each student is connected with an experienced mentor who can prayerfully help guide the student through the process of growing in ministry. And being surrounded by such Jewish diversity gives the student a plethora of ministry opportunities to pursue. Some examples of outreach include book tables, literature distribution, surveys, and various street evangelism techniques in different parts of the city; teaching Bible studies, leading small groups, presenting a drash (short teaching), or discipleship opportunities through our local English and Russian-speaking Messianic congregations in Brooklyn; special concerts, coffee house outreaches, poetry slams, or film festivals with our local young adult outreach team; and so much more. The mentors are available and approachable and can often come alongside the student to specifically tailor the outreach that the student feels called to.

Whether you have a burden for reaching the secular Jewish students at one of the many universities in New York, or for reaching the ultra-Orthodox Chasidic communities in Brooklyn, or for reaching Israelis who are living on the Upper West Side, there is no other place in the world where you can gain this same kind of ministry experience while earning a Master’s degree in Messianic Jewish Studies.