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Ten Reasons to Choose the Charles Feinberg Program

1. The Talbot School of Theology is one of the finest seminaries in North America, and the Master of Divinity in Messianic Jewish Studies is a fully accredited graduate degree.

2. New York City is the Jewish capital of the United States. Attending the Feinberg Program, you will have limitless opportunities to experience Jewish life and culture as well as incredible opportunities for hands-on Jewish ministry experience. The Feinberg Program is a joint venture between Talbot and Chosen People Ministries, a Jewish ministry that has been reaching out to Jewish people for more than a century.

3. Classes include traditional seminary courses seen through a Messianic lens, including biblical and theological studies, pastoral ministries, Biblical Greek and Hebrew, and more. A full range of Jewish Studies courses are also offered, including courses on Rabbinic thought, Jewish history, the Talmud, and more. Your course schedule will ensure that you are prepared for the complexity of Messianic ministry.

4. The Feinberg Program is specifically geared to meet the needs of adults with active family and ministry lives. We know that the demands on your time are many. Therefore, classes will be kept small-under a dozen students-and will be offered (aside from the summer program) only three days a week, in order to maximize your learning and leave time for ministry and family commitments.

5. Tuition costs have been substantially reduced and subsidized housing is available to meet the challenge of living in New York City. Additional scholarships and work-study programs in Jewish ministry are available for students with financial need. The program is designed to enable students to graduate without debt.

6. You will study with like-minded brothers and sisters with a heart for Jewish ministry. In this, the Feinberg Program provides a unique academic and spiritual environment.

7. The need for spiritually mature and equipped Messianic leadership grows every day. The degree is both academic and practical. Courses on preaching, evangelism, discipleship, and other “down to earth” subjects are taught by professors who have years of service in Jewish ministry. This program goes far beyond theory to the very heart of what to means to be a full-time worker among the Jewish people-whether your desire is to serve as a Messianic rabbi, pastor, teacher, or missionary to the Jewish people.

8. The Charles L. Feinberg Program is not simply a program for Americans. International students will be at home in this challenging program. Talbot is able to offer the I-20, which leads to a US student visa.

9. Each summer, students will have the opportunity to study on the Talbot main campus in La Mirada, California. In some instances, where students are unable to move to New York City, the degree may be completed by combining summer coursework with courses transferred from other seminaries.

10. The Charles L. Feinberg Program boasts of an atmosphere friendly to Messianic believers from across the theological spectrum. We seek to foster a greater love of the Messiah, the Scriptures, and the Jewish people.