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Certificate Program

The Certificate in Messianic Jewish Studies designed for persons who seek a year of graduate level study in preparation for serving in messianic ministry. It is also ideal for increasing one’s effectiveness in existing ministry through courses such as Rabbinic Theology, Jewish History, and Elements of Hebrew. Certificate coursework may later be applied toward a Master of Divinity degree or a Master of Arts Degree. This certificate is offered at the Charles L. Feinberg Center in New York – a hub of Jewish culture and population on the East Coast. Chosen People Ministries has partnered with Talbot School of Theology to inspire, equip and send students into the harvest on a strategic mission to reach Jewish people for the Messiah.


The Charles Feinberg Information Form

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Admission Requirements

  • Applicants must have earned a Bachelor of Arts degree or its academic equivalent from an accredited college with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale).
  • We would like to get to know you before sending the application.  Therefore, please fill out the form below and submit it to Jennifer at info@feinbergcenter.com.



Course Units
TTBE 517 TTBE 517 Hermeneutics & Bible Study Methods 3
Must take 2 from the following:
TTBE 519 Survey of Genesis-Malachi 3
TTBE 520 Survey of Matthew-Revelation 3
TTNT 503 Introduction to Exegesis (NT 501 and NT 502 Required) 3
TTNT 604 Exegesis in the Gospels (NT 503 Required) 3
TTNT 605 Exegesis in the Epistles (NT 503 Required) 3
Must take 2 from the following:
TTTH 511 Theology I – Introduction: Revelation & Nature of God 3
TTTH 512 Theology II – Works of God, Angels, Man & Sin 3
TTTH 613 Theology III – Christ, Salvation & the Spirit 3
TTTH 614 Theology IV – The Church & Last Things 3
Must take 2 from the following:
TTPT 609 Expository Preaching
(BE 517 and NT 503 Required)
TTPT 610 Contemporary Biblical Preaching
(TTBE 517 Required, TTNT 503 not Required)
TTPT 760 Seminar – Biblical Preaching (TTBE 517 Required, TTNT 503 not Required) 3
TTPT 510 Evangelism and Follow-Up 3
TTPT 602 Pastoral Ministry 3
TTPT 707 Foundations of Pastoral Care and Counseling 3
TTPT 730 Biblical Leadership and Management 3
TTSF 501 Introduction to Spiritual Theology and Formation 3
TTSF 503 Personal Foundations for Spiritual Formation 3
Must take 2 from the following:
TTTH 620 Rabbinic Theology 3
TTTH 622 Theology of the Siddur 3
TTHT 604 Jewish History 3
TTTH 712 Ethics of the Fathers and Contemporary Issues 3
TTOT 603 Elements of Hebrew I 3
TTOT 604 Elements of Hebrew II 3
TTOT 607 Hebrew Exegesis I – Torah
(OT 603/604 Required)
TTOT 608 Hebrew Exegesis II (OT 603/604 Required) 3
TTOT 613 Rabbinic Literature 3